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Types of Skips

Whatever your needs, we have the skip for you

All 6/8/12/14yd types of skip can be enclosed if requested. All 4/6/8yd skips can be offered with a drop-down end for ease of access.

Mini Skip 2-3 Yrd

The smallest skip Speedy Skips supply. Mini skips are ideal for household & garden waste. (20-30 bags)

Capacity Height Length Width
2 (1.50) 0.91m 1.76m 1.33m
3 (2.30) 0.92m 1.98m 1.56m

Midi Skip 4 Yrd

Midi skips are suitable for larger amounts of household waste. Also for commercial waste. (40 bags)

Capacity Height Length Width
4 (3.00) 0.99m 2.50m 1.54m

Builders Skip 6-8 Yrd

The most popular sized skips, the Builders skip is used in the building trade and for larger domestic renovations. (60-80 bags)

Capacity Height Length Width
6 (4.60) 1.00m 3.40m 1.78m
8 (6.00) 1.27m 3.72m 1.78m

Large Skip 12-14 Yrd

Large Skips have higher sides, ideal for bulky items. Mainly used for industrial & commercial projects.

Capacity Height Length Width
12 (9.20) 1.83m 3.72m 1.78m
14 (10.70) 2.00m 3.72m 1.78m

Rolonof Skip 15-20 Yrd

For projects and contracts that involve greater volumes of waste Speedy Skips can provide various sizes of Rolonoff skips. Suitable for heavy and light materials.

Capacity Height Length Width
15 (11.50) 1.11m 5.97m 2.35m
20 (15.30) 1.42m 5.97m 2.35m

Rolonof Skip 40 Yrd

We can provide Rolonoff bins which are suitable for projects and contracts that involve greater volumes of waste.

Capacity Height Length Width
15 (11.50) 1.11m 5.97m 2.35m
20 (15.30) 1.42m 5.97m 2.35m

Skip Hire Information

1. Skips hire includes 14 days hire and you will need to call us to book in an exchange or collection. If you need the skip for longer we can arrange the extended rental of the skip for you.

2. When the skip is delivered please ensure that the skip is correctly sited. Once the skip has been placed, please do not move or obstruct it as it may cause the skip lorry access problems and prevent the exchange or collection.

3. Please do not overload the skip as under Health and Safety guidelines we will not be able to collect it. Overloaded and Overweight skips can be dangerous to other road users and pedestrians if the skip is collected.

4. When you request us to leave the public highway to deliver your skip, you are taking responsibility for the skip and any damage that might be caused. We will always endeavour to avoid causing damage and to avoid access issues the driver will advise you if unseen problems may occur.

5. Fires are not permitted in the skip.

6. If you need to dispose of any of these items please ask for advice when ordering the skip. If found in the skip after collection then a charge will be made.

  • TV’s/Monitors/Fridges/Freezers
  • Tyres/Oil/Batteries
  • Paint Tins
  • Poisonous or Polluting Substances
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Gas Bottles
  • Asbestos
  • Plasterboard
  • Mattresses
  • Overloaded Skips
  • Fluorescent Tubes

7. When your skip has been booked in for collection it is your responsibility to ensure that there are no obstructions which may prevent us from collecting it.

8. Whilst we do try to deliver/collect your skip with a suitable time frame please bare in mind we cannot always guarantee this.

9. If you have any issues during the hire of the skip then please call the office on 01531 650319 or please email

10. All skip waste collected is transferred to our state of the art Waste Transfer Station at our depot in Gloucester, and contributes to the company’s considerable recycling rate of 98% of all waste.

If you would like more information on how the waste we collect is disposed of, please head over to the webpage of our holding company; Allstone Speedy Skips